Ken Jewell

Mr. Jewell is a representative with the National Library Bindery.

He will be available to provide free estimates on the cost of repairing or restoring valued old books or family bibles. He will evaluate each item individually and advise the owner of the most suitable treatment in addition to rebinding.

The staff at the National Library Bindery can repair damaged pages, bind in personal pages (such as those often found in family bibles), and restore ornate book covers.

If a book is too delicate to be rebound, Mr. Jewell can order sturdy yet elegant storage boxes, which will provide protection against further deterioration.

Repairs can be carried out on any kind of book, not just valuable rarities or antique books. Everything from bibles to novels, children’s stories and cookbooks can be rebound.

Repair costs start at a minimum of $35 for very simple rebinding work. More complicated repairs can cost over $100. Before taking an order, Mr. Jewell will provide each customer with a very specific estimate.

Should you want a repair, Mr. Jewell can take books to the company in Roswell, GA. The books will be returned to the Nancy Guinn Memorial Library for pick up in two months.


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